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Military Veteran & Law Enforcement Officer Denied Proper Medical Care by Insurance Company
By Raw News Media On 25 Mar, 2013 At 02:53 PM | Categorized As Feature Front, Health, US News



CHANDLER, AZ – Eight weeks ago Chandler Law Enforcement Officer Todd Lysfjord and another officer received a domestic violence call at an apartment complex. Both men slipped on black ice on the sidewalk. Lysfjord, a former Army Ranger, who successfully completed six combat deployments in defense of his community, his state, and his nation, knew that something was wrong. He went to the medical care provider the City referred him to and then the nightmare began.

On February 1st Todd went into a coma and was in ICU for three days. The deterioration of this American hero took nine days. Then the City denied treatment for his head injury because they insisted on receiving his VA medical records in 48 hours. Because of his security clearance while in the military, his records have to be redacted before they can be sent. The HR Department refused to accept that and cancelled his neurological care.

“In an environment such as law enforcement where there are so many Veterans hired and employed, it is complete neglect on the part of the Chandler Human Resources staff to not understand the procedures of the military with regard to Special Ops ability to release medical records in a timely fashion during a time that our country is at war,” Jack Daggett, Gold Star Father of an Army Ranger, and founder of the Eternal Freedom Foundation of America, stated. “In the meantime, erring on the side of caution on behalf of an injured officer is the ethical thing to do. Providing treatment as needed is the right thing to do, Veteran or not.”

“Last August, Officer Lysfjord was injured while trying to calm a suicidal subject who became combative. Then CorVel did not ask for his VA medical records to begin or continue medical treatment. Why are they doing this to Todd Lysfjord now?” Rob Dykstra, CLEA Board President, asked. “From a purely financial standpoint, the City has already spent thousands of dollars training Todd Lysfjord. One would think that they would do everything in their power to ensure that he is able to come back to work when physically able to not waste that investment.”

“Arizona has been recognized as the most Veteran friendly state; that is, hiring more Veterans than any other State,” Keith Benjamin, CLASA President, remarked. “A situation such as the nightmare the City has put Todd and Heather Lysfjord through is simply untenable.” David Lucier, President and CEO, Arizona Veterans & Military Leadership Alliance, added: “Unfortunately, it appears that the City of Chandler’s behavior is wholly contradictory to that vision and to those efforts. The Veterans’ community will be glad to work with the City to prevent this happening again.”

During his combat deployments as an Army Ranger, Todd earned a Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal x 5; Senior Parachute’s Badge with Bronze Star (Iraq Airborne Assault) and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Neuropsychological testing was cancelled due to suspension of benefits by the City of Chandler Human Resources Department. Some examples of Todd’s decreased cognitive ability include but are not limited to: Needs assistance in many activities of daily living due to lack of balance and previous falls Extreme changes in temperature Unknowingly bumps into walls while walking on multiple occasions Memory problems forgetting recent conversations and even forgets where he is Concentrating on something for too long causes headaches Sense of time is greatly skewed Todd has difficulty writing; forgot how to sign his name (and the spelling on occasion) Todd cannot remember his access code for the PD which he used at least 40 times per week while working graveyard shift Todd cannot operate a motor vehicle Inability to be in crowded areas for extended periods of time Severe debilitating headaches that occur frequently.

Donations may be made to Todd Lysfjord c/o CLEA Charities, a 501 c3 non-profit, P.O. Box 238, Chandler, Arizona 85225. CLEA was founded in 1999 to fill a void between Police Officers and the administrations of the Department and the City. Currently CLEA represents more than 220 rank and file Chandler law enforcement officers. CLASA (Chandler Lieutenants and Sergeants Association) was founded in 2003 to represent the needs of Chandler Lieutenants and Sergeants. CLASA represents 57 supervisors.

For additional information on CLEA or CLASA, contact Bartholomeaux, Day of news conference, Carole will be available on mobile, 602.628.2666.

A News Conference will be held Tuesday, March 26th, 10 a.m., William B. Pate VFW Post 7401, 751 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler (Arizona Ave, north of AZ-Loop 202 E and just north of Pecos Rd).


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